Environmental Protection

FIDRA promotes the sustainable management of fields, forests, grazing lands & water resources through the sustainable management of fields, forests, grazing lands & water resources.

FIDRA created a DRR and Climate change awareness campaign to fight against calamities of flooding and wind. We became whistle blower bringing together women and men, youth and children at community grassroots level to create a platform to sensitize local communities on DRR and Sandai Framework.

The gatherings facilitated local networking, sharing DRR knowledge and experiences to holistically address multi-dimensional factors that continue to accelerate disasters at local community. FIDRA created awareness on the Sendai framework (Seven targets) and engage local community to participants on DRR action implementation.

FIDRA participants in awareness includes community leaders/gate keepers, Household Heads, Young leaders, Local CSOs, Farmers, Local Business Operators, Elders, Youth, School Children/Students, The media and District Disaster focal point officers in Oyam and Kole Districts of Northern Uganda Mass Tree Planting and Distribution FIDRA focus on SDG 15 that put emphasis to protect, restore, and promote sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems, sustainably manage forest, combat desertification, and halt and reverse land degradation and halt biodiversity lose. Educating community to commit and believe in planting trees as key component to increasing carbon sequestration and slowing climate change. FIDRA involved and will continue in facilitating community members to plant trees at public spaces and also distribute trees seedlings to families to plant in their respective homes under the theme
“Uganda Go Green”