Life Skills & Vocational Training

We support marginalized young women and youth who are confronted with poverty, discrimination, disasters or diseases by means of life skills education, vocational training and HIV/Aids education. Through education, FIDRA ensures children between 3 and 18 years are enrolled,
stay and complete school and are able to read and write according to their age.
The country teacher – pupil ratio is improving , though challenges still exist with
readi ng and instructional materials in the remotest schools of Northern Uganda.

FIDRA,s education program aim at helping up to a million of the Northern Uganda’s poorest girls improve their lives through education. The initiative calls on non governmental organizations (NGOs), charities and the private sector to find better ways of getting girls in school and ensuring they receive a quality of education to transform their future. The idea demonstrate new and effective ways to expand education opportunities to marginalized girls, and which can be robustly evaluated to widen their impact.