Where we Work & What we do

Where We Work

FIDRA currently operates in Oyam and Kole districts with its programs mainly implemented in Northern Uganda. The geographical coverage is however influenced by the availability of resources for its programs.

What We Do

We amplify the voices and exhibit the power of possibilities of young people has unique insights, experiences and recommendations that can make decision more effective. We are Christian with integrity empowering excellence in community good stewardship as our major core values. Over the few years, FIDRA’s work has grown from a mustard seed into a flame of voices in strengthening health service delivery and responding to the underlying education determinants of women, children and young people while advocating for integrated gender- and age-sensitive approaches that facilitate access to improved well-being for girls, young women and youths.

Our Values

  • We Are Courageous: We are bold and we know it takes bravery to break down barriers and do what we do.
  • We Are Accountable: We take our responsibilities and role seriously. We have integrity in all we do.
  • We Are Tenacious: We have that can-do spirit. We don’t give up when the going gets tough.
  • We Are Selfless: We put others before ourselves. Always. That is who we are.
  • We Are Not Alone: We know God is always with us as we stand in solidarity with others

Our Standards

We believe in tangible results and we do not compromise quality.

Our Capabilities

FIDRA has young energetic, qualified, competent and committed staff at its Secretariat to deliver its mandate.