— We deliver our community intiative through

Our Programs

We implement a series of carefully selected programs that are working together to offer practical solutions to the problems facing rural communities, especially smallholders farmers, women, girls and youths.

Ending Violence against Children, Girls and Women

We Create safe spaces for adolescent girls and young women to equip them with skills and engage them in peer to peer counselling and support to provide life changing approaches for victims of violence against women and girls in the slum and rural areas.

Mental Health Education

People with mental illness are seen as spiritually possessed and discriminated from attaining appropriate medical care, stigmatized, discriminated, denied rights, abused and subjected to inhumane ill treatment which has driven such individuals and families into poverty, homelessness and inappropriate living.
FIDRA works with survivors of violence and people with lived mental health experience to share their past trauma stories and go through therapy and life skills programming to provide essential ingredients needed to move forward in life with love and community acceptance.

FIDRA’s Community Mental Health and Brain Center build capacity of community based programs in recovery focused models, rehabilitation and training community based mental health workers, provide knowledge sharing on mental health, breaking down myths and misconception on mental illness, need for early treatment, and how day-to-day factors affect mental health.

Birthing kits for expectant mothers

FIDRA create access to clean and safe birthing kits (Mama Kits) to expectant and pregnant mothers to increase number of women attending antenatal visits, improve healthy and safe delivery of new born babies, reduced incidences of newborn infections and improve environment where women have a health facilities for giving birth. By distributing the birthing kits, FIDRA creates access to lifesaving birthing kits that ensure that mothers attend all required antenatal services and newborn babies are free from infections at birth.

Community TB Awareness, Test and Treat Program.

FIDRA support Community Tuberculosis (TB) Awareness, Testing and Treatment in the remote rural villages in Northern Uganda. We carryout Community TB Awareness (Health Education) seasons in different places within rural communities of Oyam District.

Fighting Malaria among Pregnant Women and Children Under 5 Years

We fight malaria and reduce malaria transmission and prevent malaria in high-risk communities through distribution of insecticide-treated mosquito nets to pregnant women and children under 5 years of age.

Improving Nutrition and Feeding Hungry

We help mothers provide better care to their children by facilitating training sessions about nutrition and illness. During this process, we help mothers monitor the growth of their children to ensure the child is receiving the proper nutrition for healthy growth. We supply fortified food for malnourished children and keep following up to ensure our little impact improves the lives of the children and their family.


Creating Safe, Positive Learning Environments for Peace learning, practice and acquire skills for managing conflict in their own lives by understanding what creates opposition and how to solve problems without violence across people, places and time. We then train Peace Ambassadors who then becomes a way of life, not just a time.

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene

We repair and rehabilitate broken and damaged bore wells and springs to give rural communities access to safe and clean drinking water to help community not only survive by to thrive, children to get enough time to play, study and farmers till their land.


FIDRA build young people’s confidence and creating opportunities for empowering conversations around sexual and reproductive health and HIV/AIDS. We strengthen Sexual and Reproductive Rights and HIV/AIDS Prevention through Grassroots Soccer Curriculum for adolescents and HIV/AIDS preventive activities among Priority Populations (PP) in Northern Uganda.

Vitamins and Micronutrients for children and pregnant women

We provide multi vitamins and Vitamin A to children and pregnant mothers to eliminate death and disease associated with micronutrient deficiency, especially vitamin A deficiency among neonates, infants and children in Oyam District.

Vocational Skills Training

FIDRA trains disadvantaged girls who have suffered as a result of the war, those from COVID 19, child mothers and refugees and their host communities to give the impoverished and vulnerable girls and young women skills for self-reliance and an opportunity to become full members of society and their communities . Support us to purchase sewing machines and materials and pay for training, technical expertise and other essential support to.