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Gender-based violence is a barrier to human right and economic development for women, girls and children

About Us

FIDRA started a journey as a partnership of young people, churches and local organizations committed to ending extreme poverty in Africa.

Our Programs & Initiatives

Ending Violence against Children, Girls and Women

We Create safe spaces for adolescent girls and young women to equip them with skills and engage them in  peer to peer counselling.

Mental Health Education

We work with mental health survivors to share their past trauma stories and go through therapy and life skills programming to provide essential ingredients needed to move forward in life with love and community acceptance.

Birthing kits for expectant mothers

We create access to lifesaving birthing kits that ensure that mothers attend all required antenatal services and newborn babies are free from infections at birth.

Vocational Skills Training

This program aims to give the impoverished and vulnerable girls and young women skills for self-reliance

Community TB Awareness, Test and Treat Program.

FIDRA support Community Tuberculosis (TB) Awareness, Testing and Treatment in the remote rural villages in Northern Uganda.

Fighting Malaria among Pregnant Women and Children Under 5 Years

We fight malaria and reduce malaria transmission and prevent malaria in high-risk communities through distribution of insecticide-treated mosquito nets.

Vitamins and Micronutrients for children and pregnant women

We provide multi vitamins and Vitamin A to children and pregnant mothers to eliminate death and disease associated with micronutrient deficiency

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene

We repair and rehabilitate broken and damaged bore wells and springs to give rural communities access to safe and clean drinking water.


We strengthen Sexual and Reproductive Rights and HIV/AIDS Prevention through Grassroots Soccer Curriculum for adolescents and HIV/AIDS preventive activities among Priority Populations (PP) in Northern Uganda.


We train Peace Ambassadors who become a way of life, not just a time.

Improving Nutrition and Feeding Hungry

We help mothers provide better care to their children by facilitating training sessions about nutrition and illness.

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