Our Programs

Sustainable Agriculture

We help farmers gain access to high-quality inputs, improve soil quality, conserve water & prepare for climate shocks.

Business Skills

We help businesses gain access to the finance they need and provide training on how to professionalize & fulfill their potential.

Environmental Protection

FIDRA promotes the protection of environment and natural resources  through the sustainable management of fields, forests, grazing lands & water resources.

Human Rights Response

We advocate and promote observation of human rights through bringing together humanitarian actors to ensure  a coherent and principled response to emergencies and mitigate these emergencies as soon as possible. We are currently seeking partnerships to support our cause towards defending human rights through offering friendly platforms for the community to freely express their voice to the outside world.

Public Health

We bridge the gaps and addresses health challenges affecting rural poor communities in the remotest and post-conflict-affected areas of Northern Uganda.

Life Skills and Vocational Training

We support marginalized young women and youth who are confronted with poverty, discrimination, disasters or diseases by means of life skills education, vocational training and HIV/Aids education.